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A sure sign of quality cancer care is when people living with cancer are receiving person-centred care. This type of care respects and responds to their preferences, needs and values. The goal of the Patient Reported Outcome Initiative is to improve the patient experience across the cancer journey by making it more person-centred. We will accomplish this by creating standardized measurements to evaluate how well we are able to offer quality improvements that have a real impact on cancer care across Canada.

The aim is that by 2017, all participating regions should have established a measurement and reporting cycle for patient experience. This will help guide improvements to care by introducing standardized screening assessment tools as well as interventions to care programs.

The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer has funded the Patient Reported Outcomes Initiative to facilitate and advance this important work. The following are a few of the projects in patient experience and patient reported outcomes that form part of this initiative.

Improving Patient Experience and Health Outcomes Collaborative (iPEHOC)

Atlantic patient reported outcomes project

Prairie provinces patient experience and outcomes project

Improving distress management knowledge and skills

Patient reported outcomes video resources

These videos were created to promote the use of the Edmonton Symptom Assessment System-Revised (ESAS-R). The idea is to increase awareness of this screening for distress method with the hope that more people will use it. One video is geared towards patients and the other two towards clinicians. They highlight the benefits from both perspectives.


Watch the patient video.
Read the video transcript.

Watch the clinician video.
Read the video transcript.


Last updated: March 2, 2017