Prostate Specific Antigen test

An expert panel was convened in 2009 to review and summarize available evidence on screening for prostate cancer. The expert panel concluded that expansion of PSA screening practices beyond current ad hoc activities is not justified, and indeed may produce net harm.

A summary of the existing evidence regarding PSA screening as of 2009 is detailed in the PSA toolkit below. Subsequent updates to this toolkit were completed in 2012 and 2016 (see Related documents, below).

The expert panel will continue to monitor and review trial evidence as it becomes available.

Results from the expert panel

PSA toolkit: PSA screening and testing for prostate cancer
This toolkit is intended to provide background information regarding PSA screening and PSA testing (opportunistic screening, case-finding or ad-hoc testing). It is not a guideline, and is based on an assessment of the current available evidence on screening for prostate cancer. The toolkit includes screening practices to be considered as well as those to be avoided. Released: July 2009

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Last updated: September 13, 2016