The OncoSim model and how it works

OncoSim was developed by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (the Partnership) in collaboration with Statistics Canada and teams of clinicians, health economists, and other experts. The modelling platform is used to help quantify the impact of various cancer control interventions to support evidence-based decision-making.

Who we are 

The Health Economics team at the Partnership is responsible for enhancing the sustainability of the cancer control system. The team consists of health economists, epidemiology and public health policy staff and analysts to support the work. Their efforts help to quantify the burden of cancer, including health and economic costs, so that the impact of existing and potential cancer control interventions can be evaluated. And this is what drives evidence-based decision-making.

Our purpose

The Partnership works closely with Statistics Canada to develop and maintain the OncoSim model. This ensures the model is relevant, uses the most accurate data available, and can address current policy questions. Our team facilitates knowledge spread and uptake through academic publications, conference presentations and written reports. We also provide hands-on support throughout the cancer control system in Canada, to partners wishing to use OncoSim to make informed decisions in their own jurisdictions.

Governance structure

A steering committee governs the Partnership. The committee includes clinical experts from each cancer site, epidemiologists, knowledge mobilization experts, policy advisors and Partnership staff from other initiatives.

For each cancer site, including colorectal, lung, cervical/HPV, breast and other cancers, clinical and technical experts are retained. They each advise on the model assumptions and structure, data sources, vital policy questions and knowledge mobilization activities.

The Partnership also works with other key experts in clinical care, research, data registries, provincial ministries of health, cancer agencies and more, to provide valuable input and insight into OncoSim.

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Last updated: April 28, 2017