Canadian Partnership for Quality Radiotherapy (CPQR)

Initiated in July 2010, CPQR is a collaboration between the Partnership and representatives from the three disciplines delivering radiation therapy in Canada (radiation oncology, medical physics and radiation therapy). The CPQR group works to develop guidance documents for the safe, high-quality delivery of radiation therapy and on increasing the ability to evaluate and report on measures related to the quality of radiation therapy related care.

The aims of CPQR are to:

  • Provide pan-Canadian guidance for quality assurance for radiation therapy programs to ensure consistent, high-quality treatment programs across Canada.
  • Provide technical quality control guidance for radiation therapy equipment to ensure that the technology and equipment being used for treatment is safe and used as intended.
  • Develop a national system for reporting radiation therapy incidents to ensure that cancer centres across Canada can learn from and avoid the mistakes made at other centres.
  • Evaluate the patient experience in the quality of radiation therapy service delivery and safety of  care.

Recent accomplishments:

  • Technical Quality Control Guidelines released by CPQR and COMP: Low Dose Rate Permanent Seed Brachytherapy and Computed Tomography Simulators.
  • The CPQR National System for Incident Reporting – Radiation Treatment was highlighted in a workshop and two oral presentations in the RTi3: Radiation Therapy Conference (February 14-15, 2014).
    • CPQR has developed a draft taxonomy and severity scale for the new National System for Incident Reporting – Radiation Treatment. This has been vetted with the radiation community through a consensus process and is a collaboration with the Canadian Institute for Health Information. 

Read more information on the National System for Incident Reporting – Radiation Treatment (NSIR-RT)

“The National System for Incident Reporting And System Learning in Radiation Therapy: A Sustainable Approach To Quality And Safety In Cancer Care in Canada” presented at the 2015 CADTH Symposium

Learn more about CPQR’s role in Harmonizing Radiotherapy Quality and Safety in Canada through a narrated presentation


Outlines the overarching elements of quality that are important in all radiation treatment programs, together with key quality indicators for programmatic assessment
Last updated: April 26, 2016