Electronic Synoptic Pathology Reporting Initiative (ESPRI)

Cancer pathology serves as the foundation for cancer system surveillance, planning, monitoring and improvement. The great majority of cancers are diagnosed by pathologists working in collaboration with surgeons and other clinicians. As a result, a clear and thorough report of pathological findings informs clinicians and aids in the treatment decisions that lead to better patient outcomes.

What is the National Staging Initiative?

Early on, the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer recognized the integral role that complete, comprehensive and timely pathology reporting plays in the cancer control continuum. As such, the National Staging Initiative (NSI) was established in 2008, resulting in the successful implementation of synoptic pathology reporting in Ontario and New Brunswick.

Launch of the Electronic Synoptic Pathology Reporting Initiative

Following the success of the Initiative’s pilot implementations and the approval of our second mandate by the federal government, the Partnership has continued its commitment to advance the goal of embedding timely and complete evidence at the point of care with the launch of the Electronic Synoptic Pathology Reporting Initiative (ESPRI).

The goals of ESPRI are to:

  • support adoption and advance implementation of electronic synoptic pathology reporting for breast, colorectal, lung,prostate and endometrial cancers
  • maintain and promote adoption of standards
  • advance the use of standardized data through performance indicators

To ensure success, the Partnership hopes to work closely with our partners to provide support through funding and by continuing various pan-Canadian activities to promote adoption and implementation efforts. Current outreach and engagement activities include:

  • The National Pathology Standards Committee
  • Pathology & Staging Multidisciplinary Expert Panels and Canadian Association of Pathologists (CAP) Cancer Protocol Review Panel representatives
  • Education sessions
  • Communities of practice
  • Collaborative spaces on cancerview.ca

For more information, email us at pathology@partnershipagainstcancer.ca.


Last updated: October 21, 2013