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How to use The Truth of It


For patients, survivors and others with a personal connection to

“Hearing from others in similar situations can be such a helpful way of coping,” says Jennifer, one of the people who shares her story. These videos capture the recollections and thoughts of Jennifer and many others who have experienced cancer. Use these videos to:

  • Learn from the experiences of others
  • Realize you are not alone
  • Hear from others your age
  • Listen to others with your type of cancer
  • Have a particular challenge? Find others who worried about the same thing.
  • Get practical advice

Choose to watch videos of individual stories such as Jennifer’s or compilations of different people’s experiences that explore themes that are common to the cancer journey, such as Receiving the Diagnosis, Telling Friends and Family, or Body Image.

For health care professionals:

Professionals who understand and acknowledge patients’ and families’ perspectives are better able to provide support throughout the cancer journey. Use the video series:

1) Directly with patients:

  • Watch it with your patients to help initiate conversations
  • Refer patients to the website, and possibly identify specific patient stories that may be helpful for them
  • Incorporate videos into support group sessions

2) To enrich your work:

  • Promote knowledge sharing with other health disciplines
  • Educate medical students
  • Orient new cancer care team members
  • Guide decision-makers in cancer care policy

Interested in using these videos in your work?

There are many ways to use The Truth of It as a resource in your own work setting:

  • Embed the videos on your own website.
  • Hyperlink to the videos from your website.
  • Share the videos using bookmarks.
  • Obtain customized clips of the videos.

For more information or support with any of the above, please contact

Last updated: May 21, 2013