Preparing Participants for Allocating Resources Equitably (PrePARE)

Preparing Participants for Allocating Resources Equitably (PrePARE) is an interactive tutorial created by the Partnership in collaboration with the Canadian Centre for Applied Research in Cancer Control, and the Priorities in Cancer Control Network of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. The tutorial helps support public discussion and expert deliberations on how health care funding recommendations are made and for what drugs, programs, and treatments should receive public funding in Canada’s health care system. Learn more.

CAN-IMPLEMENT – An interactive guide to guideline adaptation

This interactive manual will guide you and your panel through a three-phase guideline adaptation and implementation process. CAN-IMPLEMENT is designed to facilitate guideline adaptation and knowledge activation. Although several excellent handbooks describe and support the development of clinical practice guidelines, their focus is primarily on methods that require the skilled and labour intensive meta-analysis of original research. CAN-IMPLEMENT was developed as a practical guide to assist users who have made the strategic decision to adapt quality existing guidelines for their local context. Learn more.

Analytic Capacity Building: An e-Learning series
The cancer registry landscape in Canada is the first in an e-Learning series created by the Partnership to fill key data gaps and support analytic capacity building within Canada. The module is designed to provide the foundation and create a common understanding of the cancer registry landscape in Canada. It is a part of the larger Analytic Capacity Building initiative tasked with enhancing and creating new capacity to support analysis and use of evidence to improve the cancer system as well as to enable consistent pan-Canadian reporting related to cancer treatment. Learn more.

Last updated: June 30, 2016