The potential for mortality reduction from cancer screening makes efficacy results from screening trials highly anticipated. The publications create immediate interest from specialty groups, health ministries and media. This creates the need for urgent reviews of the publications and relevant articles by health policy advisors involved in cancer control in order to respond in a timely, credible way to media and briefing requests from Ministries of Health.

The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer responds through the Anticipatory Science Initiative to develop a pan-Canadian approach in promoting a stream-lined and timely synopsis and distribution of key information on specific screening tests when there is an impending publication expected.

Anticipatory science reports

Read reports generated by this initiative on the following topics:


To provide a common understanding of the literature and state of evidence related to a new technology/randomized control trial, creating opportunities for experts across the country to deliberate about upcoming publications on key screening evidence and disseminate their work to interested stakeholders across the country.


  1. Identification of an issue on which new significant information is imminent (e.g. outcomes of a major randomized trial about to be published)
  2. The issue is important and cross-cutting
  3. A process is developed to provide factual background to the issue including different perspectives
    • Review accumulated evidence on key aspects of screening intervention, including benefits and limitations
    • Discuss implications for practice and policy making, including health human resources
    • Consolidate a collective understanding of key scientific findings and produce a written summary
  4. Presentation of the information to assist but not dictate interpretation
  5. Final document supported by a dissemination strategy to stakeholders
  6. Once results are published, the conclusions are added to the document for completion, along with a consensus statement, if appropriate, and re-circulated.
Last updated: August 24, 2017