The results of the U.S. PLCO trial, along with the U.K. FS, Italy (SCORE) and Norwegian (NORCCAP) trial results provide clear evidence that screening with flexible sigmoidoscopy reduces both colorectal cancer incidence and mortality in average risk individuals.

Flexible sigmoidoscopy needs to be considered as an option in organized colorectal cancer screening programs in Canada.

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Colorectal Cancer Screening – Flexible Sigmoidoscopy report Colorectal Cancer Screening – Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
This document provides a concise synthesis of the results of four flexible sigmoidoscopy randomized controlled trials for colorectal cancer screening. The results of each trial were highlighted in its own Watching Brief or Supplement to a Watching Brief. Two Watching Briefs and two Supplements to Watching Briefs have been published. Released: September 19, 2012

Watching briefs and supplements


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